Project NEON : Microsoft’s next big update to its Design Language


Metro, the typography and geometry based design language has long been the principle for Microsoft’s design of its apps. Its was first formally introduced along with Windows Phone 7, although it had been present in Zune and Windows Media player for quite long. Since then, the language has been widely applied in various Microsoft products including Xbox One, Windows Phone, Windows and Office. The language evolved into MDL ( Microsoft Design Language ) and Modern UI.

The Windows 10 contains the lastest, MDL2, and according to a report by Windows Central, Microsoft is working on an incrementive upadate to MDL2. The new update, dubbed as Project NEON, is set to bring fluid motion with new animation and transition over to existing design while keeping its simplicity and flat and chromeless design intact. The update has been under development for over a year now at Microsoft internally.

Reports also suggest that NEON serves as bridge between Holographic and Desktop devices. The UX will map to the physical world, keeping in account variables such as lightning, textures and more.

NEON is built upon current design principles, it would rather look like an addition to current design rather than a complete overhaul. Users will still enjoy the likes of current design, but with the added features of NEON. For developers, they will be provided option to upgrade to newer design for thier apps. With NEON, they can design own menus, context menus and app bars, with more clear and consistent guidelines.

Insiders can expect to see the new design language in upcoming Redstone 3 preview builds during April-May 2017, while public release is supposed to happen with Redstone 3 update coming early fall 2017.

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via: Windows Central