Cortana is now able to create To-Do Lists for you


As you might know or not, Microsoft introduced their own personal assistant with Windows Phone 8.1. Since the Cortana is not only one of the main characters in Halo but also a very helpful assistant which can help you with almost everything on your Phone, PC, Tablet and Xbox console. While Cortana has been redesigned over and over again during the first few builds of Windows 10, it is now looking almost the same on PC’s and Phones. Therefore the company can now concentrate on new features for the assistant.

Microsoft has rolled out a new build of Windows 10 already this week, however, independently from that the company also released an update for the back-end of Cortana. For the back-end? Well that means there has not been changed anything visible, but, you could probably say Cortanas brain has been modified, which means it has learned something new.


Lists are a very important thing for a lot of people, OneNote is a app which allows you to quickly create notes, list and so on of basically everything you want. Same counts for Wunderlist which is relying entirely on people’s need to create list for things they have to do. Now, since yesterday you didn’t have to open Cortana in order to note something or create a list. Simply ask here:

create >name of list< list

That’s it, pretty easy isn’t it. The good thing about that, well you don’t even need Cortana to read this list in the future. Cortana is saving this list to OneNote which means you can comfortably create lists and add some to-do’s there. Afterwards you can check these lists on the go no matter if you are using a Windows 10 Mobile device with Cortana  or any other smartphone operating system. On all devices where you can use the OneNote app, you can check these lists. While Cortana is available on all three major smartphone operating systems, this might be a more easy way to follow your lists.

Of course it is also possible to add new to-do’s to your lists you have created with Cortana. Therefor you can simply type or say the following:

add >thing you want to add< to >name of your list< list

That’s solved pretty nice. Reading something on the internet which brings something to your mind you have to do, simply tap on Cortana in the lower left corner and type in ‘add milk to grocery list’ that’s it. If you have lost overview of one of your apps, you can of course open OneNote and check your list, however, you can also type in Show >name of list< list and your list will be displayed. You can even tick things then you have completed already.

So to summarize, here are the three commands you’ll need in order to create and edit lists with Cortana:

  • create >name of list< list
  • add >thing you want to add< to >name of your list< list
  • Show >name of list< list

This is a very handy and easy to use which might  make me actually use it, unfortunately it is only available for the US region. However, I guess after a short beta test also other users will be able to use it. What do your readers think on this new features for Cortana? Feel free to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on this and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.