It is now possible to use Skype even without an account


Skype once was the only reliable service which allowed users to communicate with others via text messages and via video. Today almost every messaging service supports such a thing. You can call some on Facebook, with a video connection or just to talk, on your smartphone it is even easier by using WhatsApp which is used by everyone anyway. Now Microsoft might have been thinking about an alternative to make Skype more attractive to users compared to other messaging services.

This might be the reason why the company announced today that it is now possible to use their communication service even without creating an account. I have to admit that this is pretty awesome indeed, I mean it was very comfortable to be able to login you in with a Microsoft account but not everyone has such a account and without the need to be logged in it is now even easier to communicate via Skype.

Here is the video which has been published by Skype today in YouTube:

You don’t have to be logged in and yet there are a few steps you have to follow if you want to start a conversation with someone. Here are a few steps how you can set up such a quick conversation:

  1. Head over to the Skype website, click on start a conversation and enter a username.
  2. You will now be presented with a link for this conversation which you can either copy or directly email someone.
  3. That’s it actually, everyone you share the link with can then joint the conversation.

Microsoft has put a lot of effort in Skype recently. Not only that they have announced a Skype Insider Program but also that the have launched a fully functional web app with video support and now even with the ability to use this service with out the need of creating an account. If this effort pays out, well we will probably see this in the upcoming weeks and months. Skype is still a very popular service used for video communication and will probably remain as such in the future.

What do our readers think, are you still using Skype or have you completely switched to WhatsApp, Facebooks and similar service? Feel free to drop me a comment below and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.