Microsoft Authenticator app for Windows 10 Mobile is out of Beta


Two-Step Authentication is one of the best security features you can add to a social network or email account. With this feature enabled you ca’t simply login to your accounts with your password, but you need also to enter such a security code. Once you have configured an authenticator app with your accounts, the app will generate new codes non-stop. If you want to stay logged in somwhere the process remains the same. Only on new devices you will have to enter this code beside your password.

Now this is a truly important feature and I can only recommend everyone to use that. However, it can be very annoying if there isn’t a good app for the job. NOw with the new Authenticator app Microsoft has added a few helpful features which makes it fast and easy to login on one of your accounts with Two-Step verfication enabled. First of all, if you add your Microsoft account, you will always get a notification while logging where you can simply press okay instead of entereing the code. That’s very helpful and makes the log in process a lot faster even with thgis security feature enabled.

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Apart from the entire re-design of the app which looks much more modern now and fits better in the Windows 10 ecosystem there has been added another handy feature which was not there in the Beta. Beside every account you have added there’s such a copy icon now. If you long press the icon your phone will fibrate and you are getting a notification that the code has been copied. This can be very helpful if you are trying to enter a code on the smartphone.

What do our readers think of the new Authenticator app, have you even tried it yet? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts on the new app and download it from the link embed below.

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free