The Xbox Holiday Update is currently beeing rolled out


Yesterday there was published an article at Xbox Wire teasing an update for Xbox One consoles called Xbox Holiday Update. This update is said to include a bunch of new features and should also dramatically improve performance of your console. So you better go and check for updates on your console since the Xbox team just pulled the trigger and released the update.

Teased yesterday, released today, that was pretty fast. If you check for updates on your Xbox Console you’ll notice that there is an update available waiting to be downloaded. This update brings cool new features to make gaming an even better experience on Xbox. However, also performance was considered with that update which let’s you do things more quickly since it has been massively improved with the Holiday Update.

Here is a list of features implemented in the Holiday Update:

  • Clubs on Xbox Live:
    Clubs can be created by Gamers for almost everything, in short this is a feature which allows you to create a Club, invite oder players, game with them talk with them, do whatever you want with them. For more details head over to Xbox Wire
  • Looking for Group on Xbox Live:
    This is a very helpful feature if non of your friends or Club members is currently online. It allows you to publish an, well let’s call it ad, with your wish for a game you want to play so that others can join you and help you receiving achievements, gaining some progress in a game etc. For more details head over to Xbox Wire
  • Achievement Rarity:
    Gives you the ability to have a look at how rare your achievement is which you just earned. For more details head over to Xbox Wire
  • Group Messaging on Xbox Live:
    Well the title of this point basically says everything. You get the ability to create dynamic group chats with friends and club members whose members and topic can be changed at every time. For more details head over to Xbox Wire
  • Gamerscore Leaderboard:
    The Gamescore Leaderboard on Xbox One and Windows 10 will now be reset every month, which gives you and your mates every month a clean start and everyone the same chances to get the highest score for a month.For more details head over to Xbox Wire
  • Emojis for your Xbox One virtual keyboard:
    You’ll now be able to add emojis to your messages on your console beside the symbols and alphabet you are already used to. For more details head over to Xbox Wire

Along with this update for the Xbox One Consoles, there will be published an update for the Xbox app on Windows 10 as well. So switch to your console and download the latest version for your Xbox.

Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future and feel free to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on this.