Yet another update for Skype on fast ring insiders, better connection and settings


Skype recieved update on the fast ring couple of days ago, and it was updated again. The new version in 11.9.249, the older one being 11.9.239. The last update addressed issues with microphone and the addition of quotes, while the new update has lot new things to offer, including reordered settings and fewer connection drops.

With the new update users can test their camera setup on different cameras. The option ‘Test video’ can be toggled under the Audio and Video settings.

Also, accprdimg to WindowsCentral, they are now seeing less ‘connecting’ screen, which uses to be very frequent in older update .249 . Now the app stays connected for longer.

Another noticable change is the back button behavior while on settings page. Now you no longer quit the app When you press back button while on the settings page, instead you go back to the app.

Via : WindowsCentral