Microsoft Flow now officially available


Microsoft has announced the general availability of the Microsoft Flow. Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based service that makes it simple to automate common tasks and business processes across your applications and services, such as Office 365, Slack, Dropbox,, Dynamics 365 and many more.

They announced the preview of the Microsoft Flow in last April and it is being used by over 117,000 people in 61,000 organizations across 139 countries. Now it is officially available. Along with the general availability, Microsoft announces some new features and improvements of the service. They are:

  • Use environments to store your flows by geography or team. When you create an environment, you can pick its geographic location. Today, we offer the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, India, and Japan as regions, with more coming soon.
  • Microsoft Flow for Android is out of preview.
  • Microsoft Flow Admin Center- This centralized management console will make it easy for IT administrators to control the environments inside of their organization.
  • In addition to standalone scenarios that make it possible for power users to automate repetitive tasks, Microsoft Flow enriches both Office 365 and Dynamics 365 with new workflow capabilities.

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