OneDrive placeholders to be back in Windows 10, now as On-Demand Sync


Back in the days of Windows 8, there used to be a folder called Onedrive which let users manage their cloud storage files directly from PC, just like any other folder. This feature went missing since early Windows 10 Technical Previews, as Microsoft thought this feature was too confusing.
This features let’s you view your cloud files inside OneDrive placeholder, and if you wish to read/edit them then you can download them. So, basically you’re downloading them On-Demand.
The placeholder saves a local copy of the files, basically just like a mirror. The files are only just names of the files, not the content. Upon sync a specific file it is downloaded to local hard drive and available for viewing/editing.
This may save a lot of space, for users who like to put up their stuff online and like to access it on different devices.
This feature was announced at Microsoft Ignite conference. There’s no certain date as when this will be available for public, but it might be out with Windows 10 Redstone 2 update due early next year, as MSPU< reports.
Image via @maxmelcher.