Here is a first look at Messaging Everywhere integrated in Skype


Along with so much other new features which will come for the consumer as part of the Windows Anniversary Update in August, there was also implemented a features called Messaging Everywhere for a few builds. ‘Was’ because Microsoft has removed this feature from Windows 10 already. Sure, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is straight ahead and Microsoft might want to be sure to not implement any experimental features in this build but just play it save. Well could have been one reason, but the actual reason for removing the feature again is that Microsoft wants to integrate this into Skype.

Messaging Everywhere made it possible for Windows 10 Users to receive text messages from the phone also on the PC. There you have been able to read and reply to them. This was a feature which was very nice and I got used to that very quickly. However, plans at the Microsoft headquarter changed, while this feature was available via a seperate text messaging app in Windows 10, the company will rather integrate this in Skype.

The Good, The Bad

If you look at the current ‘Skype Situation’ on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile you will not be very satisfied of the idea integrating this into this service. The apps for both platforms, mobile and desktops, are a mess. Recently the company has released a new Skype Preview app which does have some nice features though it is far from a feature rich fast and stable Skype app. This definitely needs a few fixes as fast as possible.
On the other hand, Once Microsoft has released the Anniversary Update and the company can concentrate on the next big update the Skype app might finally get polished, and once we have got a nice and fast Skype app, well then it will come in very handy to have all your messages in one place.

The guys from MSPowerUser had the chance to get their hands on an internal Microsoft report. This report shows us some early builds of the ‘Messaging Everywhere feature implemented in Skype. Judge by yourself but if the app will look like that and will have al the features a Skype app should have, well then I’ll be the first one to download this app once it has been released.

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