W10M Build 10586.420 is being tested by Dona Sarkar and her team


Microsoft recently introduced three different ring which Windows Insiders can subscribe to, Fast Ring, Slow Ring and the Release Preview Ring. Each one of those rings is for a specific type of Windows Insiders, depending on when you want to get new features and how stable a build should be which you want to install on your phone. The safest method is probably the Release Preview ring, where Microsoft is bringing better and better versions of build 10586.

Just a couple of days ago, the company had released a new build for the Release Preview Ring. Back then this was build 10586.338, as always, this build didn’t bring any new features. Though builds in the Release Preview Ring are the most stable ones, since Microsoft keeps on fixing bugs and issues with this build. Now the company is already preparing the next version for a public release through this ring. They guys from Onetile.ru have posted a screenshot, showing build 10586.420 being installed on a phone.

W10M Build 10586.420 Screen

It is not clear when Microsoft is about to release this build for Windows Insiders on the Release Preview Ring. Since the company recently published a new build on this ring it probably take a few more days for a release, though you can expect this one or a later build to be released for Windows Insiders on this ring next.

What do our readers think of the Release Preview Ring, are there any which have subscribed to this ring? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts on the quality of these builds and what you think Microsoft should improve there. Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.