Xbox preview members check your live messages!


Like you might know or not, Microsoft is running a pretty similar program for their Xbox console, just like they are doing it with the Windows Insider program for Windows users. While you can simply join the Windows Insider Program in order to be able to install pre-release versions of Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10, you’ll need an invitation in order to do that with your console.

While Microsoft has rolled out a first preview version for the Xbox operating system a few months ago already, the second version is about to start. Attention, now it is getting a bit strange. While you need to get an invitation to even join the Xbox Preview Program, you will need an invitation once again for this new preview.

According to Emily Hanson Microsoft has now send out these invitations to users who have collected the most points with the first preview.

So if you are feeling confident that you have collected a lot of points with the first preview, you can check your live messages. It is not really clear what will happen to the other members of the Xbox Preview Program. Though it seems to be clear that the users left behind with the first roll out wave will be included in the second or third.

It is a bit strange that Microsoft has such strict restrictions here but maybe it is just rolled out in waves, just like they handled the roll out of Windows 10. This helps Microsoft to handle this massive data which gets up- and downloaded via their serves at such releases.

Do we have some readers which are part of the Xbox preview program? Feel free to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on the Xbox Preview and what you think Microsoft should improve or add to the Windows Experience for Xbox.

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