Universal Readit App Updated With Some New Features Including the ability to copy links in posts


The one and only best third party Reddit client app Readit snags a new update on Windows 10 devices. The new update available universally on all devices that run Windows 10 on board. The newer version of the app is and it brings some changes. The new update brings some new features including the ability to copy links within the posts. Right clicking anywhere in a post will now offer the ability to copy a selection of links from that post as seen in the image above.


The complete change log of the new update :

General Additions

  • Added a right click menu to self text posts
    • copy text – will copy the entirety of the self text as markdown atm
    • copy link – visible if links are in self text
    • Sub items will be links, click on one to copy it to the clipboard
  • Added a copy link item to comments
    • Sub items will be links, click on one to copy it to the clipboard
  • The only solution to copying links is how I implemented it above. UWP doesn’t support context menus for individual links

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed subreddit filtering causing your subscribed subreddit to not load links if it was a part of your filter. (non-gold users only)

Download it now.

Developer: ‪Message Across Studios‬
Price: Kostenlos+