Windows 10 Mobile will be able to associate Websites with Apps


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Previously known as Windows Redstone, Microsoft had announced a big update for Windows, the Anniversary Update. This summer Windows 10 has its first anniversary and therefore Microsoft is planning to bring an update for all platforms of Windows 10. The update will of course make the operating system more stable, reliable and massively improve performance. But almost more important, the update will also bring a long list of new features. Messaging Everywhere is only one example which we can be looking forward to.

As mentioned already, this update will be offered for mobile and desktop versions of Windows 10. If you are a Windows Insider or regularly following Microsoft news, you will have noticed that also in the mobile version a few new features have been implemented in builds released recently. Though there is even more to come, leaked screenshots of an unpublished Windows 10 Mobile build are showing a very interesting new feature. There it is possible to associate specific websites with apps you have installed on your phone.


If you visit one of your favorite tech websites, like Plaffo for example who have leaked these screenshots by the way, you can associate it with a website. Your browser will then switch to the specific app on your phone instead of opening the website in your browser.

The description in the dedicated settings app is summing it up pretty good what the feature will be capable of: “Some websites can be opened by an app or a browser. Turn off an app to open the websites with a browser. Your browser is the only installed app that can open websites”

Coming Soon™

This feature can be also very helpful if you are having installed a lot of apps. Instead of going through your app list you can just open Microsoft Edge on your phone, enter a website and it will automatically open the associated app, a kind of app launcher if you want. However, this feature is said to come very soon, probably not with the next build of Windows 10 Mobile but shortly after. Windows Insiders will then be able to test the feature and give Microsoft some feedback on it.

For consumers the feature will be available once Microsoft has released the Windows Anniversary update, which is planned for this summer. Since this is a feature depending on apps in the Windows Store, there will hopefully be published a few more apps from various online services in order to able to fully use it.

Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion on this new implementation in Windows 10 Mobile and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.