Microsoft Announces Revamped Developer Center With New Capabilities



Microsoft has announced their new revamped developer center.  The new developer center is a polished version of the previous one. Microsoft added many new features and capabilities to the developer center. The new capabilities and changes are mainly focused on to increase promotion and monetization opportunities. Microsoft expect that this will attract more developers to build amazing apps.

Here are the highlights of the new developer center :

  1. New monetization options with Facebook Install Ads and payout enhancements
  2. Streamlined app submission and new ways to distribute apps and run betas
  3. More ways to engage and promote your apps
  4. New capabilities for getting customer feedback, analyzing app performance, and experimenting to improve your apps
  5. Ability to Preview Dev Center features through the Dev Center Insider Program
  6. Extend Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to Microsoft HoloLens
  7. And a new landing page for the, setting the foundation for integration of additional Microsoft developer programs

Microsoft stated :

“We know that we need to invest to create a strong ecosystem and we are clear on your asks for increased reach and monetization opportunities, as well as increased productivity – with streamlined app management as a high priority. Last year we laid out a multi-year vision to make Dev Center an efficient place to submit, manage and monetize your Windows Store apps, and have been working to evolve it to simplify and consolidate the various Microsoft developer portals into one.”

Microsoft working on to provide more opportunities and monetization methods for Windows developers. So We hope that this will surely attract more developers.

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