Hands on Video: Ghostek Cloak Tough Case for Lumia 950



The latest video on our YouTube channel features the Ghostek Cloak Tough Case for the Lumia 950. The “Tough Case” tag is well justified as it has a metal frame that goes around the sides of the device protecting it from drops and knocks. Along side this you are still able to wirelessly charge your device with the Cloak fitted. The Cloak Tough Case is available from MobileFun, click the LINK HERE to purchase yours and protect your Lumia 950 (it’s also available for the 950XL, Nexus and many other devices, also available in a range of colours, check out the link), and watch the video below to see how it all works.

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And below is a close up picture of how the Tough Case looks on the Lumia 950: