[GIF] Mouse Gesture extension for Microsoft Edge shown in action



With the latest build of Windows 10 Microsoft didn’t only bring bug fixes and stability improvements to the operating system but there have been implemented a few features which could be interesting for users as well. Probably the feature which users have been wait for the most, the support of extensions by Microsofts new Edge browser. With the latest build which is available for Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring, it is possible to test three beta extensions from Microsoft with the browser.

In the category ‘things humanity doesn’t need’ you can find an extension for Reddit which is displaying the website in a bit more friendly and handy way. Secondly you can test a Bing Translator extension which allows you to translate any website by one click on the Bing Icon in the browser menu. This is very helpful and a cool extension but the coolest one is the Mouse Gestures extensions which brings the ability to navigate through Edge with touch gestures which can be performed with the mouse as well as with your finger.

If you install the Mouse Gestures extension and click on the extension icon in the menu bar of your browser you are directed to an overview with all gestures listed. This very helpful especially at the very beginning when you have to get used to all these gestures. In this Overview you can even customize which gesture you want to use for which command. However, at this time it is not possible to learn your browser new gestures. Though I can imagine Microsoft to implement this since it shouldn’t be too har to let the user choose a combination of arrows and give this to the browser. Generally you can use all these gestures by clicking and holding the right mouse button and then dragging the command you want.

Forward & Backward

Let’s have a look at all the gestures Microsoft Edge is supporting with this extensions. Forward and Backward is a core feature of every browser in order to navigate through the world wide web. Here is how this feature looks like in Edge and how good it works.


Refresh& Stop Loading

Next gif is for refreshing a website without to need you to navigate to the refresh button in the browser menu. Altough if you refresh you can not use the stop loading gesture. There it doesn’t matter whether you have just refreshed the website or you are visiting a website, the stop loading gesture is not working in this release.


Scroll up & down


Scroll Sideways


Scroll from top to bottom and vice versa


Open & Close new tab


Close all tabs


Close all tabs except this one


This are all 8 gestures Microsoft Edge is currently understanding if you have installed this extension. Though I am pretty sure there is more to come. In case you are wondering about extensions for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Mobile, this will take significantly longer than on the desktop version. On mobile devices it will probably come with a alter Redstone release.

What do you think of this new extension for Microsofts new browser, does iot make sense to you? Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion on this and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.