AdBlock Plus is working on an extension for Microsoft Edge



Recently Microsoft has introduced a new Extensions feature for Microsoft Edge. Just like Google Chrome or a few other browsers, Microsoft wants their browser to natively support extensions. This is a long promised feature which users have been waiting for. Extensions have been spotted in earlier stages of Windows 10 already, though now they are officially build in and can tested.

As we speak, there are three official extension from Microsoft available to test. There is on the one hand a Bing extension which allows you to translate whole webpages by clicking on the Bing logo in the menu bar then there is a Reddit extension to for a few display enhancements and of course there is the Mouse Gestures extension which brings pretty nice gestures for Microsoft Edge which are working with touch and your mouse.

Seems like this has made waves, since not only a few developers around the world have submitted beta versions of their extensions for Microsoft Edge already, but also the popular ad block service AdBlock Plus is working on such an extension currently. According to what they have responded to a twitter user who was asking for an extension the company is only waiting for green light from Microsoft in order to publish the extension.

Microsoft has made it very easy for developers to port their extensions from Google Chrome to their Edge browser and it seems like this strategy is working. This is not the first time that Microsoft is trying to make it as easy as possible for developers to import their existing projects from other platforms to the Microsoft ecosystem. With Project Sienna it should be very easy to port apps from iOS to Windows and the best example for that is probably the new Instagram (Beta) app in the Windows Universal App Store.

What do our readers think about this, have you been waiting for an adblock extension for Microsoft Edge? Drop me a comment below with your opinion on this and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.

Source: AdBlock Plus @ Twitter
Via: MSPowerUser