HERE Apps for Windows will be removed but here is why this is actually okay


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I have to admit, that today’s news shook me when I have first seen the heading ‘HERE Maps for Windows will be discontinued’. I am getting a bit nostalgic while thinking about HERE. Not only because it is a former part of Nokia but also because it was a high quality service which safely guided me to a lot of places, doesn’t matter whether it was for work or holidays. Downloaded the maps I needed and there was nothing what could stop me, at least I had such a feeling. However, we do have 2016 now, Windows Phone is not Windows Phone anymore, it is Windows Mobile now. Nokia is not manufacturing any smartphones with Microsoft’s operating system and HERE is no longer developed by this very sympathetic European, Finish company anymore.

Time goes by and so are services and companies around us. Microsoft has made a difficult transformation from Windows 8 to Windows 10 with wins and losses and the same counts for Nokia. If you have installed some app updates on your Windows smartphone today, you might have noticed that also a few HERE apps have received an update. This update is not bringing any new features but the app is rather saying goodbye to all of its users today. Well, questionable if an app can say goodbye, but at least the developers behind this services are saying goodbye. Which brings me to another point, as we speak HERE is not a part of Nokia anymore. A couple of months ago three German automotive companies have decided to buy the HERE Maps service. Today the company is co-owned by Audi, BMW, and Daimler.

With HERE not being a part of Nokia anymore there is actually no reason to get nostalgic while saying goodbye to the HERE service. Except you are having a deeper connection to German automotive companies. You might then think, this was a reliable good service, easy to use and it brought you were you wanted to get. Well, gladly HERE will not completely vanish from the Windows platform. As you might know, Microsoft is bringing a very feature-rich Maps app for all of their Windows devices. On Windows 10 you are able to use it already and on your smartphone you will be able to do so once Microsoft has released Windows 10 Mobile for all device. The heart of Microsoft’s in-build maps app is still beating HERE. All the maps material you can find inside the app has been developed by the former Nokia company. If you have a look at the about section in the maps app you will notice that both Microsoft as well as HERE are mentioned as the copyright holders. Admittedly Microsoft’s build-in maps app is not as stable as the ones from HERE, but these apps will not be shut down today but on June 30th. This will be enough time for Microsoft to polish stability and features in the universal maps app.

Sure it is sad to see such a great service moving away from Microsoft’s platform, though the tech giant is currently working on a universal operating system for all of their devices and this would be a lot more complicated if they had to beg HERE always if they want to get an update for a universal app or even to get them to develop a universal app. This way Microsoft is developing the app and HERE is offering the quality maps we are used to.

All in all this might not be too bad, what do your readers think about that? Drop me a comment below with your opinion on this and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.

Source: HERE 360