HTC One M-er.. “HTC 10” Shows Itself in Full In Recent Leak



In the wake of Mobile World Congress, multiple new flagships have been announced from many of the top manufacturers in the industry. While we have seen formidable new devices from seasoned contenders such as Samsung and LG, HTC seems to be saving it’s new flagship for last, slowly hinting at the release through the hashtag “PowerOf10”.

This morning our good friend Evan Blass (@EVLeaks) gave us a complete 360 degree view of HTC’s new device, which has been confirmed to be simply be called “HTC 10”. The decision to drop the “One M(x)” title is a valiant one, and I think it was a smart move by HTC. Though the original One M7 started a new wave of phone design and will be remembered for a very, very long time, the past 2 years’ iterations just haven’t brought anything particularly interesting to the table, and have been overshadowed by a variety of other devices in the space. The leaked images confirm the chamfered edges we’ve been seeing for the past couple of weeks, and highlight the return of home and capacitive buttons. Whether this is a good thing or not is highly debatable, but personally I think bringing these things back is a huge step backwards, especially since HTC one of the primary players that popularized the lack of such buttons in favor of on-screen options. Also to note is the omission of HTC’s classic “Boomsound” speakers, opting instead for a single downwards firing speaker.


In my opinion the body of the device had gone backwards in terms of innovation, but we will have to see how it performs in the real world to benchmark it against today’s new titans.

Does the HTC 10 interest you?

via: EVLeaks