HTC’s ONE M10 Rears it’s Head in New Leak



HTC has had a difficult few months, to say the least.

From the incredibly underwhelming ONE M9 to the awkward and clunky One A9, sales just haven’t been what they used to be. Many groups have taken offense to the recent trend of designing your new flagship to look like an iPhone, and the A9 was pretty on point in that perspective. I mean just look at the backs of the 2 devices, you can hardly tell them apart.


With that said, there is quite a bit of hope that 2016 would be the year that HTC makes a return to the glory days. They pioneered many of today’s current design elements such as unibody aluminum construction, as well as dual front facing stereo speakers, and while they were all the rage at the time, these innovations have turned into the standard, and HTC are going to need to bring something completely new and exciting to the table if they want to compete in the mobile industry in 2016.

With all that behind us, let’s get to the point of this article. While other manufacturers such as Samsung and LG have all but outed every aspect of their new flagship devices, HTC have done a pretty decent job at keeping everything under wraps, which is surprising for them, given the absolutely tremendous amount of leaks pre-dating the release of the One M9. Today though, we got a look at what the One M10 could look like, and it’s um.. Interesting.

While it’s not the prettiest device in the world by the looks of it, we still know close to nothing about the handset, and there is still a chance HTC can burst into 2016 Guns-a-blazing. I may be biased, but I really, really hope this device comes out a winner. We all know HTC needs it, and they need it bad.

via: EVLeaks