Windows Phone Market Share Declines according to Kantar



Kantar World Panel have come out with their latest Mobile OS Market share stats, which show Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS declining year on year in all but two of the markets their data covers in the three months from October through December 2015.

The UK showed a growth of 1.2 percentage points against the same three months in 2014, with 9.2% share, while the biggest drop was Italy, where for a long time Windows Phone was 2nd after Android, but a 4.6 point drop, while Apple’s iOS share grew 3.8, see’s Windows Phone 3rd with 8.1%. Overall in Europe’s big 5 markets (Germany, GB, France, Italy and Spain) Windows Phone stands at 7.2% down 1.8 points.

The USA has seen a big swing towards Google’s Android operating system, up 11.5 points to 59.1% while it’s main competitor, iOS dropped 8.6 points to 39.1. Windows Phone dropped lost more than half it’s points, going from 3.8 to 1.6%.

China, the largest market in the world saw a 0.5 point increase for Windows Phone, while Android dropped 5.6 points, the same amount Apple grew. Android still dominates, 71.4% against iOS 27.1%.

There was a third market which didn’t see Windows Phone market share declining year on year, that was Japan, Windows Phone remained on 0%. Japan is the only market covered where iOS lead even after conceding 6.1 points to Android, with 54.1% against 44.4%.

You can read Kantar’s report HERE, and take a look at interactive market share map below, click different countries to see the relevant data.