Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera and Display Spotted in the Wild



It’s almost February, and with the coming of the new month comes the premiere mobile phone tech event: Mobile World Congress. Samsung LG, and others are all expected to release their new handsets there, and as we get closer and closer to the event, the leaks are beginning to flow.

The particular leak highlighted in this article showcases the new camera module and display supposedly present on Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 handset. The first image features what appears to be the new rear camera module present in the device, which seems to have the internal connector facing the side, as opposed to the Galaxy S6, which is spot on in the center of the device. The array of modules feature the string “RO5”, seeming to indicate that this is the fifth revision of the camera module design. While we know nothing in particular about the specs of the camera featured on the device, it is at least interesting to see how these modules are mass produced.


The second image in the leak highlights the new display of the device, which is clearly Samsung in design. The panel features the iconic oval home button/ fingerprint reader present in nearly all iterations of Samsungs Galaxy line of handsets, along with an impressively small bezel. The panel seems to be enclosed in some sort of casing, which is a bit detrimental to our interpretation of the device’s body, but it is at least interesting to see individual parts out in the wild.


As we draw closer to MWC, expect to see a whole slew of new leaks and rumors. It’s not uncommon for us to know everything about a device weeks before its official reveal.

via: GSM Arena