Windows 10 Mobile Camera App to Get “Force HDR”



The head of Imagining at Microsoft, Juha Alakarhuhas informed the folk at that an update to the Windows 10 Mobile camera app will get updated with a feature he calls “force HDR”, addressing complaints from Lumia 950/950XL owners regarding problems with High Dynamic Range in certain light conditions.

According to the Windows Phone blog:

Microsoft’s (ex-Nokia) imaging chief, Juha Alakarhu, has been in touch to let us know that ‘Force HDR is coming’ soon to Windows 10 Mobile’s official Camera application, though he couldn’t promise ‘any dates yet’… ‘automatic’ Rich Capture on the new flagships has its triggering threshold set so high that almost no shots in sunlight actually get taken with multiple images.

On the newer devices, this changes to ‘off’ and ‘auto’ only, but Juha’s tease means that there’s almost certainly a third stage to this toggle coming. So the 950/950 XL would then see Off/Auto/On for Rich Capture status.

Good to see Microsoft addressing issues with Windows 10 Mobile!