Scratch That – Sony’s Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact Handsets Won’t Include Fingerprint Readers in the US



I got a little bit rightfully overly upset yesterday when we reported on Sony’s Xperia Z5 handsets coming to the US, mostly due to their flagship-level pricing scheme for what I would consider last generation devices. Well matters were only made worse today when The Verge received clarification directly from Sony that both devices would be missing the fingerprint readers present in the European versions. Now why would Sony decide to do this you may ask? Hell if I know, but one thing is for sure; 2015 was the year of security for Android. It’s the year that Google began shipping out monthly security patches to its Nexus devices, the year of easy authentication, and most of all, the year fingerprint readers became a standard on almost every new Android device on the market. The fact that we have access to fast and secure biometric security is a feat within itself, and in my opinion it is completely ridiculous to omit such a feature when you have already included it in earlier versions.

Whatever Sony’s reason may be, it’s definitely making my blood boil. Let’s just hope that when we head out to drop $500-$600 on the Xperia Z6, it will at least have some quality features.


via: The Verge