Qualcomm Announces the First Snapdragon 820 Smartphone: The Letv Max Pro



Qualcomm had a quick press conference today, where they unveiled the first phone that will feature their new Snapdragon 820 chipset. While Qualcomm themselves aren’t revealing much about the device, we do know that it will feature Qualcomm’s “Ultrasonic Fingerprint Authentication System”, as well as WiFi 11ad, or “WiGig”.

Images taken at eh event reveal that the device also has an “Adreno 530” GPU, which supposedly should give a performance boost of up to 40%. If that metric is true, the future is looking pretty bright for the smartphone graphics market.

Qualcomm is also saying that the new chipset has secured over 80 design wins, which should hopefully pass along new features and functionality to consumers.


via: Android Police