Photos taken with the Lumia 950 [update]




Nokia had arguably some of the best cameras that were put onto any smartphone, dating all the way back to 2005 with the Nokia N90. This was partly due to Nokia’s longtime partnership with ZEISS to include their optics, which was a standout feature for the company for a long time. Even now that Microsoft has taken over, Nokia’s legacy still echoes throughout the company’s latest smartphone offerings, and the Lumia 950 is a great example of this.


Microsoft’s first Windows 10 Mobile flagship may be lacking in some areas (more on that in my impending review), but the camera is not one of them. It features a large 20MP PureView BSI rear shooter with an f/1.9 aperture, 6-lens optics, triple-tone LED flash, and optical image stabilization. It is capable of shooting RAW photos as well as 30fps 4K video.


While this may not boast the massive 41 megapixels found in the Lumia 1020, the 950 does not disappoint, and in some aspects is actually better than it’s somewhat dated predecessor. Of course, nothing can really hold a candle to the power of the 1020, as even the most poorly framed shots come out looking professional AF, but the 950 definitely holds its own. Scroll though my Flickr photos below to check out what I’ve managed to get out of it (keep in mind, I’m no master at taking photos):

Lumia 950

As for the front-facing camera, the selfies on the Lumia 950 are among the best I’ve taken. I still think the LG G4’s 8MP shooter reigns in this category, but the 5MP wide-angle camera on the 950 is the best one found on a Lumia, making up for this smartphone line’s largely lackluster performance in this area.


Selfies are crisp and pretty dan gorgeous, and there’s even some beautifying algorithms in play (not like I need it though, but it’s a nice touch Microsoft). Videos are also great, and even though it’s listed as only being capable of 1080p, the highest you can actually get is something like 2208×1242. Here are some selfies for you to gawk at (it’s mostly me just flexing):


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We like to thank AT&T for giving us the trial of the Lumia 950