How To Keep Your 15GB Free OneDrive Storage, Plus 15GB Camera Bonus



Following the backlash received when Microsoft announced they were not only limiting OneDrive storage for paying Office 365 customers, but also reducing the free storage options from the current 15GB to just 5GB as well as scrapping the 15GB camera upload bonus, they have now allowed current OneDrive users to retain their 30GB, for the moment at least.

Clicking the link HERE will take you to a OneDrive page where you can click a link which claims the following:

Click below and your account will not be affected when the amount of free storage changes from 15 GB to 5 GB and the +15 GB camera roll bonus is discontinued.*

This must be done by January 31st 2016, so don’t leave it too long!

I think this is a good move by Microsoft, apparently the reason they gave for reducing OneDrive storage options was that people were uploading huge amounts of data to unlimited accounts, so it seemed a little odd to target those on limited plans, then again it could have been a very clever way to get people using the service then suddenly turn them into paying customers… not that I’m cynical! Either way, worth keeping the extra allowance!