Extras & Info receives Update and Touch Settings receive new Windows 10 Design



Today Microsoft has pushed out a few updates for some settings again. Since Windows 10 Mobile seems to near the release date Microsoft wants probably fix and change some last things like some design things which are still a bit Windows Phone 8.1 and need minor changes in order to fit the Windows 10 design language. Today Microsoft has pushed out two updates, on the one hand Extras & Info has received an Update though there are not that much changes in this app, on the other side Touch has received an update and this finally fits the new design language of Windows 10.

So one after another, first of all Extras & Info, as you can see on the screenshots embed below the ‘Silent Installer’ Version Number has been removed in the updated app as well as ‘Spam Filter’ Version Number. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t include a changelog with the app update as we know it from Microsoft so we do not know why these changes have been made to the app quite yet.

Old Version New Version


So there really didn’t change a lot in the Extras & Info App for Windows 10 Mobile. However, also the ‘Touch’ Settings have been updated today and there did change a bit, on the one hand the overall design has been changed to fit the new design language of Windows 10 but there are also a couple of other things new now. In older versions there was an option to set ‘touch sensitivity’ or better said there was a drop down menu to choose ‘normal’ or ‘high’ and now you can turn on or off to be able to use you phone with gloves. That’s actually a nice change since it might be more easy to understand for a few users who just want to use their phone with gloves when it is getting cold.
‘Vibrating Navigation’ keys and the ‘Double Tab’ to unlock feature remained both the same except of course the new design. On the screenshots below you can see what exactly has changed with the latest update for both apps. If you look carfully you will be able to see a small blue dot in the lower right corner of the new ‘Touch’ settings, that might be fixed with the next update.

Old Version New Version


So the touch settings are definitely looking better now, or what do you guys think? Do you think Microsoft should be changing anything in the Extras & Info app as well? Drop me a comment below with your opinion on this and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.