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Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586 Setup Screenshot Gallery


Windows 10 will be the new Universal Operating System which will be running on all of their different platforms, they said and indeed the operating system is running pretty well on a few Million PC’s and Tablets already and also Xbox One Users have been able to install the new Xbox One Experience already. However on the phone you might be still using Windows Phone 8.1 in case you are not a Windows Insider.

If you are regularly following the news around the Microsoft ecosystem you might have noticed that the company has recently announced or better said published a new Build of the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build and this might be also the release version since a few Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL devices are shipped already and these devices are coming with Windows 10 Mobile pre-installed. However the OS is now very fluent and fast in use with daily exercise like checking your mails, answering some texts or browsing the web so it is ready to replace Windows Phone 8.1.

Tough there has been a sort of design inconsistency in Windows 10 Mobile. That’s of course not suprising since this is an Insider Preview so it is a product in progress, however now Windows 10 Mobile is approaching the official release and Microsoft tried to bring the new Windows 10 design language to their mobile OS but was it successful? Well short answer yes, and now there comes some explanation. The most popular example might be the completely overhauled settings app which does now look completely the same like the desktop version and that’s just awesome, so challenge accomplished. Though if you dig deeper the have been a lot of settings and menus which sometimes had the new design and then again had the old from Windows Phone 8.1. In the latest Build Microsoft has clearly improved that and there is something else which does look now a lot better then in previous Builds.

If you just update your phone to Windows 10 Mobile you might never see that, however if you do a Software Reset after the update, to be sure to get the best performance of the new operating system, you will definitely notice new and completely overhauled setup guide which brings you through the first steps of Windows 10 Mobile and let’s you setup your Microsoft Account and all that stuff. But don’t worry, you don’t have to reset your phone in order to see what I am talking about, yesterday I had time to install the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview on my brave NOKIA Lumia 930 and there I capture the whole getting started guide for you so that you can see what I mean.