The At&t Lumia 950 now available for $598 (off contract), $20/mth (2yr contract). Ships between Nov. 20th & 24th??!


The Microsoft Lumia 950 is now available for purchase from

The Lumia 950 will cost you $149 with a 2-yr contract or $19.97 monthly installmental payments for 30 months using At&t Next.

Or you can get it off contract for $598.99.

If you order the Lumia 950 now you should be getting it by Nov. 20th, since it also becomes available in stores on that same day Nov. 20th. But At&t lists that the device will ship between Nov. 20th and Nov. 24th, which means that customers who purchase it from the store on the 20th could get it before those who ordered it online? This doesn’t make sense and defeats the purpose of buying it online. But I guess we will see what happens.

I have ordered mine from the online store and will watch and see if it gets delivered on or before Nov. 20th

See shipping date in the screenshot below:

You can order yours from At&t Store now