Linked inboxes now available in latest update to Outlook Mail app on Windows 10 Mobile


Outlook Mail and Calendar received a major update today, but just for its mobile version. It now brings one of the most requested features: Linked inboxes.

Linked inboxes allows you to see your emails from multiple accounts in one pane (remember WP8 mail app).

With this latest update, the Mail app is almost ready for prime time.

Though there’s one bug or should I say one aspect that the Outlook team overlooked? And that’s being able to unlink mail accounts. Right now, if you have linked accounts, you cannot unlink any of them from the group, as there is no “unlink” option… This looks like either it is still in the works? Or Microsoft simple overlooked it?

The workaround is that you have to delete the mail account and re-add to have it unlinked.


Another change that comes with this update is that the settings page has been redesigned, some options are moved around and aren’t where they used to be, clearly, Microsoft (or the Outlook team) is still deciding how the want the settings page to look.

It’s also interesting that this update isn’t yet available on the desktop version of the Outlook mail app, but it should get updated too.

So what do you think after this latest update to the Mail app? Is it finally ready?

You can get the update by going to the Windows 10 Mobile store.