New & Refreshed GroupMe Universal Windows app now available for Windows 10 Mobile


Microsoft acquired Skype about the same time Skype was acquiring GroupMe, a popular group messaging chat service that has been downloaded more than 5million times on Android devices.

Since then, the GroupMe app on Windows has been appalling leading some to believe that Microsoft might soon drop the service altogether as they focused on Skype and having GroupMe was kinda redundant. Well, that’s not the case.

A few weeks ago when the current GroupMe app got rebranded to “GroupMe for Windows Phone 8” we all new a universal Windows 10 app was underway.

A new GroupMe app, a universal Windows app, developed from the ground up (looks like a port of its Android version however) is now available in the Windows 10 Mobile store. It is not yet available for PCs or tablets running Windows 10 but seeing as this is a universal app, it is only a matter of time before we get it on our PCs too.

There are now 2 versions of the app. The new GroupMe app alongside its sub-par WP8 version (GroupMe for Windows Phone 8).

The new GroupMe is a welcome addition though it still lacks a few features, I compared it side by side with the Android version and found the following features still missing:

-Creating events in your calendar and sending to members in your group chat is missing

-integrated image search

-attaching your location to the chat room

These features can be added in future updates of course. So it is not a problem. The app is snappier, faster, slicker and more responsive than its WP8 version.


If you and your group abandoned GroupMe in the past, now would be a really good time to give it a go again.

You can download it from the Windows 10 Mobile Store