Groove Music App for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile receives update



Microsoft has today rolled out an update for the, with Windows 10 introduced Groove Music App which was formerly known as Xbox Music. Ellen Kilbourne who is responsible at Microsoft for the Groove Music app has tweeted today that there is a new update for the app live in the Windows Universal Store, so the update is coming on your Windows 10 PC as well as on your Windows 10 Mobile device if you are using the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview on one of your devices already. At the Microsoft Community Website Ellen Kilbourne has also posted some changes which are coming to the app with this update.

Groove Music for Windows 10

There is on the one hand a new live tile for the PC Version of the Groove Music App. Mostly these brings some design changes, but no new features. Below you can have a look at the differences between the old design of the Live Tile compared to the old one. That’s it for the PC version of the app there has not been a lot more apart from the new Live Tile, have a look at the changelog as well to notice all the changes which have been made.

Groove Logo
Showing the Groove logo when artwork is displayed

Album Art
Showing album art

Removing the black half gradient

Shuffling the metadata around to be more useful

Groove Music for Windows 10 Mobile

For the Windows 10 Mobile version of Groove Music the update is a different story. The mobile app has not received a new deign for its Live Tile, however there have been included a few other helpful things. If you are listening to an album for the first time or haven’t listened to one yet you can simply read some reviews for the album directly from the Groove Music app which should make it more easy for you to decide which Music you should listen to. Another thing which is new in this version is the ability to Update the playlist header which is a neat little feature and it is nice to have it here.
Since you do also have a ‘Recent Plays’ Section in the Groove Music App, the team around the Groove Music App has now also added an option so that you are able to remove specific Interprets, Albums or Tracks from recent plays. Remains the question who was asking for that features since it shouldn’t matter that your music is appearing there, however if you do have an Interpret which you do not want your friends to know about, voila you can now remove it.


So a few nice things which have been included in the latets verison of Groove Music for the PC and Phone, though there are some very important things still missing. What do you think is there one feature you think Microsoft should include in the next update for the Groove Music App? Drop me a comment below with your opinion and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the Future.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Neowin