T-Mobile launches #UncarrierX: Sharing is evil, Binge watch your favorite shows




T-Mobile is known for it’s bold, customer-centric moves since branding itself as the Un-carrier. For the past two years, the company has seen much improvement in its relationship with customers thanks to popular moves like getting rid of contracts, unlimited music streaming, and extending their coverage to include Canada and Mexico. These events have become almost like device launches similar to Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc, with John Legere presenting in front of excited fans, employees and journalists, with thousands tuning into the Live Streams. It was no different for Un-carrier X.

Firstly T-Mobile announced the new amped up version of Simple Choice, which includes doubling the amount of data in each tier plan. They’ve also announced Family Match, which means double the data and the same cost, ad gives each member individual data, as opposed to all members sharing from the same bucket. There’s also a limited-time promotion allowing the cost to go even lower, giving users a 4th line for free. 



The big news was the announcement of Binge On, which allows customers to stream video from the top 24 streaming services without using their data. This includes Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and others. A notable omission is Youtube, but Legere said any service is open to join the list, and if YouTube asks them “the answer is yes.” He was also open to his favorite *ehem* content providers to join the list as well.  It’s a route similar to Music Freedom, and optimizes video streaming on smartphones at 480p or better, so that users minimize data usage. This service starts November 15th for Simple Choice Amped customers, and within the next two weeks for other base customers. There’s also two promotions included, the first with Slack TV for 30% off a year subscription of their “Best of Live TV” package, and the second with VUDU for a free movie rental each month during all of 2016.

Legere is using these moves to combat the $2.4 Billion of overages customers have been paying over the years. He also seemed to suggest that is a great way to smoothly allow him to binge watch all the… *ehem* “content” he wants. To further join in the Binge-watching movement, visit bingewatchersanonymous.org to create your Binge Watchers Anonymous card.


The Un-carrier initiative has seen a healthy stream of growth in T-Mobile’s customer base, allowing the company to surpass Sprint for the first time as the 3rd largest carrier in the United States. Legere stated during the event that in 2011, T-Mobile was listed among the top 10 businesses that were not going to last, but that quickly turned around. T-Mobile has also come out victorious each quarter, usually reporting more subscriber additions than any other of the big 4 (and sometimes combined). It’s likely that this trend will continue, especially after a moves like this.

Source: T-Mobile