The Microsoft Garage Team has released a Social Share Plug In for Power Point



The Microsoft Garage Lab is releasing some very interesting projects from time to time, like the messaging service which runs via email which filled the headlines some time ago. Not all of these projects do have a bright future, some of them are developed further and some of them are not continued after some time. These projects are not always for Windows Users though the Garage Lab is part of Microsoft, the team doesn’t always have the Microsoft ecosystem in its focus. However with the latest Project, which is called ‘Social Share Plug-In’ the team has released another service and this time it is also available for Windows Users.

If you are using Microsoft Office, you can install this Plug In, which currently only works with Microsoft Office Power Point and use it in order to share your presentations via some social networks like Facebook or Twitter for example.

Currently this plug-in is only available for Microsoft Office Power Point, however if this ends up as a successful Plug in it might be released for other parts of the Office Suite as well. As shown in the video above, this plug-in allows you to share you presentation as a single photo, a photo album, a photo snip or even as a video. Of course there is also integrated Microsoft’s very own cloud service, OneDrive which allows you to create a sharable link of the presentation so that people can also access directly the Power Point presentation.
One important thing about this sharing plug-in is, that you can keep an eye on the interactions of your power point presentation on all different social networks. So that you can see if someone wants to have some further details about it, if someone has retweeted it and so on, and for this you don’t even have to leave the Power Point application, since this directly integrated.

Unfortunately, though there is the vision of the Microsoft Garage Lab Team, there are some limitations on various social networks since a plug-in like this hasn’t been there yet. The Twitter SDK is not prepared for something like that and therefore it is currently not possible to share an album or a video there. On Facebook it is currently not possible to tag friends in such a shared power point post and you can not add a location tag to it.
While the Garage Lab from Microsoft is working together closely with various social networks so that they can release these features and bring some additional ones in the near future, you can also submit some feedback via User Voice or via Mail.

Got interested? Here you can Download the Social Share Plug In

Have you tried this Plug In? What do you think, are there any features which you could imagine to be helpful in such a Plug in? Drop me a comment below with your opinion on the latest Microsoft Garage Project and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Neowin