Microsoft Lumia 950 & Lumia 950 XL will be shipped on November 28th in Germany



You might still remember the event Microsoft held a view weeks back where the tech giant has presented the next generation Surface tablet, a Surface book and two or actually three new devices, the Microsoft Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 550. The company is still working on the next generation of their mobile operating system, Windows 10 Mobile and that was also a reason why Microsoft has not announced a new flagship device for such a long time, because they wanted to finish the OS first and then release their high end devices with it. However the Windows Insider Programm is existing for quite some time already and Windows 10 Mobile is in a very mature state already. Therefor they have finally announced two new device, however since Windows 10 Mobile has not been published yet they haven’t released the new devices as well.

Almost in time for Christmas Microsoft will be finally offering the two new flagship devices. The official Twitter Channel from Microsoft Germany has now announced that the two new devices will be shipped starting with November 28th. They have been taking pre orders for the devices already, so this is not a too big surprise, though it is great to have a date on when the devices will be available.

The 28th of November is actually a Saturday in Germany so maybe not the best launch day for a new device, or is it? Drop me acomment below with your opinion the latest generation of Windows 10 Mobile devices. We will try to get a trial device as soon as possible so that we can let you know how awesome these devices are in day to day use. So stay tuned and have a look at our website from day to day.

Source: Microsoft Germany
Via: WindowsCentral