Slow Motion video capture now available for Lumia 930, Icon & 1520 running W10M


Microsoft has updated the Windows Camera app and with it comes the Slow Motion feature. A feature that is one of the most requested from Windows Insiders.

You can now record slow motion video with your Lumia 930, Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520. The feature will also be available in the upcoming Lumia 950 and 950XL.

To use this feature, enter the Windows Camera app, enter video mode and select the “turtle” icon.

After recording your video, you can use the “edit slow motion” to select periods in the recorded video you want in slow motion. There is also a “super slow” option that can be used to highlight a part of the video to be super duper slow (for dramatic effect).

Currently, you can record slow motion on the Lumia 930, Icon and 1520 in 720p resolution at 120fps.



You can see the new “turtle” icon in the screenshot above. Remember this is only available on Lumia 930, Icon and 1520.

If you have any of these model Lumia’s running Windows 10 Mobile, check for an update in the store now.