a 4K video sample taken with the Lumia 950XL


As we wait (for what seems like an eternity) for the availability of the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL.

We are been constantly teased by how awesome these flagship duo are.

We have seen sample of high quality photos and recently we saw a 4K video sample taken with the Lumia 950.

Now we get another 4K video sample, this time courtesy of the Lumia 950XL.

Though it has the exact same camera as the Lumia 950.

Here’s the video, uploaded by SuperHDView, this is a channel dedicated to reviewing camera video and picture tests. Though we don’t see the Lumia 950, hence we can’t verify the authenticity of the video. It is still amazing to watch.

Check it out, for best results, watch it on a 4K screen/monitor