Confirmed: ‘The New Xbox One Experience’ will be released on November 12th



Today Microsoft has finally confirmed the released date for Windows 10 for Xbox One. As you may know, the operating system is currently available as a Preview like Windows 10 Mobile and it is possible to test it and send some feedback to Microsoft. However, today Microsoft has confirmed that the Preview program will be ended soon and the final version of the operating system will available on the 12th of November.


Windows 10 for your Xbox One console does of course not bring the whole Windows 10 UI. So you will not have to navigate through a desktop on your Xbox, though this update will bring a bunch of new features for a better experience on your console. Currently it is  very laggy for example if you are trying to invite friends to a game and that is by far better in Windows 10. Also such features like backward compatibility will be added to Windows 10 which is of course a great thing and it would also differentiate the Xbox Console a bit from the Playstation 4. Overall you will get a huge list of new features and a more polished design through out your console to, on the one hand fit the design language of Windows 10 and one the other hand make it looking mor stylish.


The release of Windows 10 for the Xbox is of course an important step for Microsoft since it fulfills the vision of Microsoft to have one operating system for all of their different hardware. It does also bring some cool advantages for the user like the Universal apps for example. So you can switch between your Phone, PC and Tablet and everywhere you can work with the same apps. Also App Updates, like today the one for Windows Maps will then be available on your Xbox Console at the same time like they are on your Windows 10 Phone and PC.

Of course the version of Windows 10 for Xbox will also boost their numbers of Windows 10 installations worldwide once again and since the companies goal is to get 1 Billion installations of the operating system I am looking forward to see how much they will have after the release. For more information on the release of ‘The New Xbox One Experience’ and all the new features which are coming with the update, please head over to the official Xbox Website.
Feel free to drop me a comment below with your thoughts on the upcoming update for Microsoft’s Xbox One Console, are you currently using the Preview of the Update? Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.

Source: Xbox
Via: Paul Thurrott