[Video] Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview 10572 Hands On



Microsoft is currently working on the next generation of their Windows operating system and while rumors are already suggesting when the next big update for the Desktop version of the operating system will be released there are still two Windows 10 Preview running and where Microsoft has not released a final version yet. There is on the one hand of course Windows 10 for Xbox One which has been released as a preview some time ago, as well as Windows 10 Mobile which is currently also in preview state.


The company is still struggling with the market share of their mobile operating system, well at least in some markets. In Europe the operating system is doing pretty well already if you consider the fact the in Italy for example Microsoft does have even more users than Apple. However in the United States or in China for example the company still has to fight to get a user base. Therefor it is very important to bring on the one hand Windows 10 for smartphones as soon as possible, on the other hand it should be a stable good OS which allows you to seamlessly switch between your Windows 10 Tablet, PC and Phone. With Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft is basically crafting a new OS and that takes it’s time to get the best out of it, therefor Microsoft has announced the Windows Insider program which allows members of this program to get Previews of Windows 10 Mobile try it on their devices and then submit bug reports and feedback to Microsoft so that the company knows what still needs some work and what features users are looking for.


Now Windows 10 Mobile is in a very mature state already and it shouldn’t take too long anymore until the company will finally release the operating system to the public. With the latest Build 10572 which Microsoft has released just a few days ago the company has not only fixed an endless list of bugs but they have also included some cool new features.

  • Missed Call notifications
    With the latest Build of Windows 10 Mobile it is possible to receive missed call notifications through Cortana but hey not only on your phone, also on your PC. In order to be able to use this feature you have to use Build 10572 on your Windows Mobile device and Build 10565 on your Windows 10 PC / Tablet. The great thing about that is, you are not only getting a simple notification on your PC, you can even answer by sending a text message straight from your PC without even touching your Phone. Isn’t that awesome, praise the universal operating system.
  • Skype Messaging
    Skype Messaging is finally fully implemented in the messaging app in Windows 10 Mobile. In case you can remember the times when Facebook Chat was implemented in Windows Phone you can finally relax again since Microsoft has done a great job with integrating their very own Skype service so deep in the operating system. How this works is shown in the embed video below.
  • Cortana
    “Cortana can help keep track of your leisure time, including movie and event reminders and will give you helpful information to know where to go and to get there on time, including an option to book and track a Uber ride directly from Cortana.” – Windows Blog
  • Offline Maps
    It is finally possible to choose where you want to save your downloaded offline maps, you can choose between internal memory and SD Card, 🙂
  • Photo App
    The Photos App has got some cool improvements, there is for example the favorites feature which you might know from Windows Phone already, this allows you to add images to your favorites and then display they them on your Tile, great. More about the photos app can be seen in the embed video below.
  • Storage App
    The Storage app has got some huge, and if I say huge I mean huge improvements. The storage app is finally very usable to manage your internal and external storage on your phone. Since it would be to time consuming to explain what awesome features Microsoft has included in the app just have a look at the embed video below.


So this is quite a long list of new features, for a more detailed list of feature please head over to the official Windows Blog but that’s enough talking, have a look at the embed video below for more details.

As always, you are very welcome to drop me a comment below with your feedback on the video or your opinion on the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build. What do you think is Microsoft still missing any important features in the latest Build of Windows 10 Mobile? Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future, until then stay safe.