[Video] Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10549: Phablet Feature demoed



Microsoft is still working on the next generation of their mobile operating system, which is current Windows Phone and will, once it has been released, be called Windows 10 Mobile. While Windows 10 for Desktops has been released already, Windows 10 for mobile devices and Windows 10 for Xbox One is still in Preview. For Windows Insider who are using the Insider Preview of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has released Build 10549 last week. This Build does not bring a lot of new features, except the new smileys and one hidden ‘phablet feature’.

Phablet Feature is probably not the right name for that, however it pretty much describes what it is. If you head to the settings in the latest Windows Mobile Build you can go to System –> Display where you can find an option called ‘size of text, apps and items on this display. If you adjust this you can choose between 225%, 250% and 300%. While 300% is the recommended, the default one it is getting a bit more interesting if you choose 250% or 225%. What this option basically does is to pretend to be on a bigger display. So on my NOKIA Lumia 930 for example I can have then 5 instead of 4 Quick Actions in my Action Center and the Multitasking View is shown with two rows of open apps just like on a Lumia 1520 for example.

This does bring a couple of other advantages, however if you switch to 225% you will be getting the full phablet experience, though you might not be able to fully control your phone since touching such small icons is a bit annoying. If you set it to 250% you will get a few phablet features and it is still possible to get all the stuff done with your phone. So this is a good middle ground to get the phablet experience.
If you didn’t quite get what I meant, just have a look at the embed video below where I am demoing this phablet feature on my NOKIA Lumia 930.

Feel free to drop me a comment below with your opinion on this new feature. Are you going to use the phablet feature on your phone once Windows 10 Mobile has been released to the public? Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.