Microsoft and PC makers launch “PC Does What?” campaign


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Windows 10 is shaping up to be a huge thing.. for everyone!

Riding on the early success of Windows 10, Microsoft is teaming up with some of its largest partners to launch an ad campaign highlighting the new hardware, form factors, and capabilities of the PC in what could be the largest push for Windows software ever.


Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, HP and Dell have come together in an effort to not only get PC-users to upgrade their old devices, but to combat the declining PC sales that have plagues the industry as of late (and convert a few Mac users along the way). Microsoft and Intel are fronting most of the cash for the campaign, which is fitting as they’re the software and hardware backbone of the PC, respectively.


The ads take place in different scenarios and settings, such as a hotel, beachfront spa, or on a rescue mission, highlighting different designs and functions of PC’s like an infinity display found on the Dell XPS13, a rotating bezel like on Lenovo’s Yoga series, and amazingly thin designs which are becoming more commonplace amongst all PC manufacturers. Each ad has someone shouting “PC does what!?” in awe at different capabilities of today’s PC’s.


The ads are fairly comical, and do a good job at getting straight to the point without really saying much.”We want to surprise and delight the consumer,”CMO of Intel, Steve Fund, stated in a special webcast discussing the campaign, “and let them know how much better today’s PC’s are versus the PC’s that they’re using.” This is of course speaking to the 500 million PC’s in use that are 4 or 5 years old.


The campaign set to launch on October 19th in the US and China initially, which covers roughly 50% of the PC user base. It will include TV ads, digital and social platforms, native advertising, search ads, etc., as well its own website, which should go live on the 19th. Hopefully this collaborative push is just what the PC industry needs to turn things around. You can “ride into the danger zone” and check out the various tv spots in the video below: