Microsoft helps to bring a broadband connection to 500,000 villages in India


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella holds a Nokia Lumia mobile phone during address at the company's  "build" conference in San Francisco

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was in the Digital India Programme as a guest on Sunday and

Satya Nadella
“We believe that low-cost broadband connectivity coupled with the scale of cloud computing intelligence that can be harnessed from data can help drive creativity, efficiency and productivity across governments and businesses of all sizes.”

Of course this a huge thing the company is going to do there but a little trick does help them to make that possible. It would take ages to do this with normal routers and a normal network infrastructure as we know it to connect 500,000 villages with a broadband connection. So what Microsoft is planning to do is to use the ‘White Space’. The so called White Space is some space in the spectrum between two TV channels and which is currently unused. These signals can travel about 10 kilometers which comes in very handy for this project. Currently this White Space does belong to a national TV broadcaster from India, however Microsoft is planning to partner with this TV broadcaster to make that possible.

Satya Nadella
“In India, these spaces end up being available in the 200-300 MHz spectrum band, although there are chunks of unused spectrum available in India up to 700 MHz. Currently, that spectrum belongs to a national broadcaster in India, Dorrdarshan. White space signals can travel up to 10 kilometers, which makes the technology perfect for connecting rural or expensive-to-wire areas.”

So which will see who this project goes on in the future, this is a big thing and it is nice to see such an engagement from such a huge company to try to bring a broadband connection to a part of the world. What do you think of this idea, drop me a comment below with your opinion on this and stay tuned for more information on Microsoft related news in the future.

Via: WMpowerUser