Android on a Lumia device, once again the dream doesn’t come true



With Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft has not only introduced a completely new operating system with a new design and new features but also a so called Project Astoria. Project Astoria allows developers to easily port their apps from the Google Play Store to the Windows Phone aka. Windows Mobile App Store. You might know that this does allow a Windows 10 Mobile user currently also to sideload Android apps directly from the Google Play Store though they are not fully working.

Part of that Project Astoria is probably also the latest leak which says that there is currently a bug in Windows 10 Mobile which allows the user to install the Android operating system on a Windows 10 Mobile device. According to WMPowerUser it is possible to download and run Android on a Windows 10 Mobile device thanks to a current bug in the Android Runtime.
Now you might be wondering, where are the instructions in order to do this well unfortunately it is not that easy. It is possible to install Android and use it on such a device however this is only possible with some special tools which are restricted to Microsoft and are currently not available for the public and will probably remain as that in the near future.

So it isn’t really possible to do this as a private person however you can at least see what it looks like to have Android on a Windows 10 Mobile device. Gladly WMPowerUser has uploaded a video to YouTube showing us Google’s operating system on a Nokia Lumia 830.

So what to you guys think of this latest leak? According to my opinion the best solution to all this would be to let the user choose which operating system he wants to have on his phone. This does perfectly work in the PC world already so why shouldn’t it work in the smartphone and tablet world. This might be the future but currently we are still a few miles awy from that and until this will be the standard we have to live with what we get.
Drop me a comment below with your opinion on this and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the near future. Be sure to check back on October 6th when Microsoft is going to hold it’s event where we will probably see some new hardware and a final version of Windows 10 Mobile.

Source: WMPowerUser