Enter the latest #LumiaChallenge contest for a chance to win a unique Lumia experience


Lumia Conversations is hosting another #LumiaChallenge contest.

This premise for this contest is to submit a photo inspired by the color of your Lumia (Yellow? Cyan? Green?).

As you can see from the image above, it’s inspired by the Lumia color Yellow.

Here’s another example…


So once you have your Lumia inspired photo, submit it either on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #LumiaChallenge and include the handle @LumiaVoices in your submission.

The winner of this challenge will get a unique Lumia experience (dunno what that means)along with Lumia accessories including a wireless charger.

You can read the Term & Conditions for rules/eligibility on entering the contest.

The contest will go on for 2 weeks and end on the 5th of October, a day before Microsoft announces its new line of Windows 10 powered Lumia devices.

So maybe it’s not a coincidence this Lumia colored themed challenge is taking place as we could very well see new vibrantly colored Lumia’s on October 6th.