Slack (Beta) updated with new features like photo/file uploads and more in latest update


Slack (Beta) for Windows phone has been developing quite nicely. It received a major update today which bumped it to v2015.923.0.0.

This is a significant update as it now supports file/photo attachments. Yes, you can now attach any file or photos to your chat group in Slack.

Just a few more updates and Slack’s Windows Phone app will be on par with its Android and iOS versions.

Here’s the full changelog:

What’s Fixed

  • Better handling of connectivity changes and app resuming. We still have work to do so it’s faster & more reliable, but this should be an improvement
  • Properly notifiying the users if authentication settings changed and a re-login in required
  • Badges and tiles clear more frequently

What’s New

  • By popular demand, file uploads
  • Until full native profile editing is added, a link to the web version of the profile editor has been added to Settings

Known Issues

  • Messages cannot be sent while disconected. In the future we plan to have better handling for queueing messages to be sent, but for now the send button should be disabled when there isn’t a connection available.

todo list

  • Performance improvements
  • Auto-complete for mentions and emoji
  • Slack commands
  • Animated gifs – We love them, but unfortunately support is lacking in the Windows Phone image control. We’re working on a solution. ?
  • Adding reactions & emoji picker
  • Starring and viewing starred items
  • Mulit-team support
  • Offline support

Slack also mentions that they can’t add animated gifs yet due to limitations of the OS (Windows Phone 8.1), but as you know this is now supported in Windows 10 Mobile. So we might have to wait until Windows 10 Mobile is launched to get this feature.

Slack (Beta) gives a new definition to the word “beta” unlike other “beta” apps in the Windows store which haven’t been updated in… years.

To get the latest update to Slack, DOWNLOAD from the Windows Store