Microsoft Translator 10 beta is now available for Windows 10 (Mobile)



Last week we have reported that Microsoft is obviously working on a new version of their Translator app since it was visible in the Universal App Store but it was not possible to download this app at that time. Since today the app is finally available for all devices which are running Windows 10, that means on your phone, tablet and PC. As the name suggests the app is still in Beta and therefor you can head over to the Windows Store to download the app and leave some feedback.

There are some features missing if you compare the old and the new Translator apps like for example pinning the translation via keyboard to your startscreen, however also the UI has completely changed and most of the features which are available in the old app are not needed in the new one. So if you open the app now you get directly to the keyboard for example. If you want to translate something with the camera or by voice simply hit the camera or microphone button which are now on the same screen. I guess most people are translating with the keyboard on their phone, however if some one is translating a lot with the camera or microphone it might be more comfortable if you get directly to this option with one click on the Tile on your startscreen maybe Microsoft will add something which makes this possible in the near future.

There is quite a list of features the Beta app does currently support, and Microsoft has included this list also in the app description. You can have a look at the description below:

Translator helps you overcome the language barrier. Use your camera, voice, or keyboard to translate on-the-go, even without an Internet connection.

  • Text translation – Enter text to translate into one of 50 languages and scripts.
  • Camera translation – Point your camera at signs, menus, newspapers — any printed text in 19 languages and scripts — then tap to see the translation.
  • Voice translation – Translate by speaking one of 10 languages into your phone.
  • Offline translation – Download a translation pack so you can translate even when you’re offline — handy when you’re traveling and you want to avoid expensive data roaming charges.
  • Text-to-speech – Hear translations from a native speaker.
  • History, search & favorites – Your translations are saved, so you can search through your history to find them later. Mark translations as favorites to find them even more quickly.
  • Word of the Day – Learn a new word or phrase everyday by pinning Translator to Start.

So if you want to have a look at the new app and maybe download it to one of your devices, head over to the Universal App Store. Feel free to drop me comment below with your opinion on the new Translator Beta app. The only thing missing which I noticed so far is probably the transparent tile on Windows 10 Mobile however I am sure Microsoft will add this with a future update. Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the near future and the event Microsoft will hold on October 6th.