Hike Messenger for Windows Phone will receive free Group Calls by the end of the year



The probably best known messenger service is currently WhatsApp which has been bought by Facebook some time ago, however there are some competitors for the company and these do not sleep. One of these competitors is Hike which is developed in India and is providing an App for all major platforms, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. On Hilke has published a new article on their Blog showcasing a new feature which will come to the Messaging App.

No, it’s not a Web App what they have announced although it would be nice to have one. However what they have announced is a Group Calls feature, similar to Skype, which allows you to have group calls with up to 100 people at the same time. Not bad, yes though the feature is currently only available for Android probably because it is still in a kind of beta and they are testing if their servers to have enough power to handle that and stuff like that.

In the video below you can have a look at the feature and how simple it is to start such a group call in Hike.

The good news? Well, Hike is a company which is caring for Windows Phone for example with regularly updating the app in the store with new features, bug fixes and so on and while Android does have the group calls feature already we are not the only one who has not got the feature yet. Beside Windows Phone, also iOS Users will have to wait until the end of the year to use this feature so this is not a Windows Phone thing but more such a ‘still in some kind of Beta’ thing.

Would you use a Group Calls feature on your phone? Drop me acomment below with your opinion and let me know if this would be a feature to convince you to move away from WhatsApp and rather use Hike. Stay tuned for more Microsoft related news, and some Hands On Videos of the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10536.1004 which will be released early next week.

Source: Hike
Via: WMPowerUser