Microsoft Lumia 950 aka Lumia Talkman shown on another leaked image



From the 2-7th of September the IFA, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, has taken place in Berlin, Germany and apart from a few other tech companies also Microsoft did have a presentation there. SO the world was watching Microsoft at their presentation in Berlin and a lot of people did expect some new Windows devices from the company since the last high end device which has been released by Microsoft was the Nokia Lumia 930. Unfortunately there was not anything like this to see on this event.

So we do have to wait a bit more until we can see some new device from Microsoft and we do already know that there are at least four devices in production. Two of these are the Lumia Cityman and Lumia Talkman which we have seen on several leaks already and are said to be upcoming high end Lumia device. If this is true, we will see it at the official release, however what we do know already is how these devices are looking like. Evleaks aka Evan Blass has already published a picture where you can see Lumia Talkman and Cityman:

Now there was of course some confusion about the names, Lumia 950 where is the Microsoft Lumia 940. For that reason Evleaks has today published another image which is unfortunately of poor quality, however if you look carefully you can see that this time the clock of the leaked phone image is set to 9:50 and if you followed the Lumia releases in the last years you will known Nokia and now also Microsoft does always set the clock in accordance to the model. So have a look at the leaked image by your self and let me know your opinion:

[Edit: Evleaks Tweet has been deleted already, however you can see the tweeted image below]


Source: Evleaks