Video: Hands on with New Messaging Skype Beta app (for Windows 10 Mobile)


I’ve got to admit, One of the features i am really excited about when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile is the Skype integration with messaging (SMS).

Microsoft announced this feature is coming to Windows 10 Mobile back in January, recently (last week) we saw screenshots of the new unified Skype+messaging+video app.

And now today, the guys at WMPoweruser just uploaded a hands on video showing the Messaging Skype app in action and it’s indeed a beauty!

Check it out:

From the video, you can see how to find contacts on Skype, how chat bubblles between SMS and Skype are differentiated by color.

You can even do a video group chat right from the app. Now we are talking! Microsoft finally making good use for that Skype acquisition it made a few years ago.

It looks like the new Skype messaging apps will come from the store and are independent of build upgrades, that means Microsoft could make it available via the store whenever they feel it’s ready for Windows Insiders to test…

Of course, the app is still in its early stage of development but it already looks neat! And with the number over 500 million active Skype users, this is guaranteed to give Google’s Hangouts and Apple’s iMessage a run for their money.

If you are using Windows 10 Mobile, you would have noticed that the messaging app has been getting updates inthe last few days, I’m hoping those updates are preparing the app for this Skype integration. We could see it introduced when the next W10M build is released (which could be this week)

Source: WMPU